Thursday, 13 November 2014

Enthronement of Ninth Archbishop of Sydney, Most Rev Anthony Fisher - Full Video

What a wonderful and joyful occasion the enthronement was. The Cathedral Choir, described by the new Archbishop as "most excellent", sang MacMillan, Palestrina, Victoria, plainsong and several hymns with great distinction. There was plenty of "active participation" by the people in the parts that pertain to them, as the video will reveal. Contrary to an earlier version of this post, the order of service has indeed been made available online. Apart from being a slightly unconventional square shape and with dual columns, it was beautifully typeset and printed by Catholic Communications of the Archdiocese of Sydney, and included all music and translations needed by the people. I am in fact quite impressed with the availability of resources including the Archbishop's homily in text and mp3 formats. Sydney has sprung headlong into the digital information age!

Normally I would write a full account of the evening, but given the availability of the video in full, and my unfortunate lack of time, I will let the video speak for itself. And the Archdiocese now has a good general summary.

I add my thanks to all who were involved in preparing this most beautiful Mass, and Deo gratias, we have a new Archbishop at long last. May he serve and be served well.

xt3 version

Youtube version (with introduction)

Viewer advice: These videos contain sound and images of (well performed) contemporary worship music accompanied by a guitar in a neo-Gothic cathedral, the incongruence of which may cause distress to some viewers of this blog.