Tuesday, 25 October 2011

St Mary's Choir Sings Byrd, Tallis in Rome

There was a veritable feast of polyphony in Rome recently when a cathedral choir from the Antipodes paid a visit and sang for the Pope (see previous posts below). 

In the video below the Choir of St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, sings Byrd's motet Civitas Sancti Tui (see from 0:54), and I'll wager that few choirs of any sort can sing it quite so well.
Civitas sancti tui facta est deserta. Sion deserta facta est. Jerusalem desolata est.
The city of thy sanctuary is become a desert. Sion is made a desert. Jerusalem is desolate.
ISAIAS 64:10

For a good comparison, see this performance of the same piece by the celebrated Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge - technically brilliant but perhaps lacking in something?  

Friday, 21 October 2011

Pope commends new translation of Missal to Australian bishops

From the Pope's address on the occasion of the Australian Bishops' ad limina visit to Rome:

"... as bishops, you are conscious of your special duty to care for the celebration of the liturgy. The new translation of the Roman Missal ... is intended to enrich and deepen the sacrifice of praise offered to God by his people. Help your clergy to welcome and to appreciate what has been achieved, so that they in turn may assist the faithful as everyone adjusts to the new translation. ... Make every effort to help catechists and musicians in their respective preparations to render the celebration of the Roman Rite in your dioceses a moment of greater grace and beauty, worthy of the Lord and spiritually enriching for everyone. In this way, as in all your pastoral efforts, you will lead the Church in Australia towards her heavenly home under the sign of the Southern Cross."

Pope opens Domus Australia

Video reports about the Pope's visit to the centre:

Monday, 10 October 2011

Radio programme on new translation

If you want an American perspective on the new translation of the Roman Missal which is interesting and informative, I very much suggest that you listen to this radio broadcast of EWTN's Register Radio, hosted by one of the writer's for the National (American) Catholic Register. 

From the website:
This week on Register Radio, Tim Drake is interviewing two experts on the new translation of the Roman Missal. Beginning the first Sunday in Advent, changes will be taking place at Mass in what the priest will be saying, and our responses. Dr. Edward Sri, professor of theology and Scripture at the Augustine Institute, and Catholic Answer’s apologist and National Catholic Register blogger Jimmy Akin are joining us to talk about the changes and why they’re taking place.
The Roman Missal for England & Wales, Scotland, and Australia

One of many US versions of the Roman Missal

Sydney's RC Cathedral Choir to Sing for Pope ... again

In what is surely a great honour, the Choir of St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, will sing for Pope Benedict in Rome next Wednesday.  The occasion is the opening of a new centre in the Eternal City for Australian pilgrims, Domus Australia, comprising accommodation and a fully restored chapel. 

According to The Australian, Cardinal Pell will dedicate the Chapel's new altar before the Pope officially opens the new centre.  The ceremony will be webcast

The choir, which sang at the Papal Mass in St. Mary's Cathedral in 2008 (during WYD), is made up of men and boys and sets an extremely high standard in sacred music, in the best traditions of the Roman Rite.  His Holiness will undoubtedly be enamoured of their singing. 

Domus Australia, Rome

Chapel, Domus Australia, Rome

Chapel, Domus Australia, Rome

Chapel, Domus Australia, Rome

St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney
St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney

John Henry Newman and Liturgical Reverence ...

... is the title of an interesting article in the National (American) Catholic Register.  The author makes some interesting observations about celebrations of the modern Roman Rite, and how the introduction of the Roman Missal, Third Typical Edition on Advent Sunday might affect the same.