Saturday, 19 May 2018

Music from the Royal Nuptials

The Choir of The Queen's Free Chapel of St George, Windsor Castle, was in sublime form for The Wedding. Below, listen to them sing If Ye Love Me by Tallis, and Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer with a stonking descant written by the Director of Music, James Vivian, and brilliant organ accompaniment. Thanks to Sky News for that bit of truly important information. I watched the BBC broadcast live and no mention there of the descant ... it really was a woeful performance by the BBC (granted, ITV were worse). Instead, the BBC gave us all sorts of other information: And that lady in green is HM The Queen (gosh, really?) And she was wearing stockings designed by X. I ask you, inanity taken to absurd levels.

The Bride impressed greatly with her respect for the choir - she took the time to look sideways at the choir when they were singing. What beautiful manners.