New Mass Settings - Endorsed by Bishops

I merely list these, by region, for the information of my readers.  Clearly some are better than others, but the quality of particular settings and their fitness for purpose are subjects on which I personally shall not opine - others will no doubt do that (see here and here for example and note that I do not necessarily endorse comments by third parties).

Furthermore, it should always be borne in mind that the Missal chants should be used as the 'generic' setting by parishes (to foster a common repertoire throughout the English speaking world) and should therefore be thoroughly learnt before adding further settings to the parish repertoire.  Indeed, the various Bishops' Conferences have insisted that the Missal chants be provided in addition to (and printed before) any other settings contained in worships aids.  See Canada's resource below as an example.  

As a final prefatory note, it is questionable whether the memorial acclamations of a new Mass setting should ever be used in preference to the Missal chant versions.  It would seem to restrict a priest's choice whether or not to chant the Eucharistic Prayer.  As an example of the discordant sound which ensues when a celebrant intones the mystery of faith and then the people sing a response otherwise than as appears in the Missal, click here.  It is arguable that this extends to the final Amen as well.