Thursday, 17 November 2011

Singing the Mass - New Chant Book from Solesmes in English and Latin

To coincide with the new English translation of the Roman Missal, Solesmes has published a new book containing all the chants of the Order of Mass in English and Latin on facing pages. Entitled Singing the Mass, it is for use by the people, and serves to encourage sung celebrations of the Vatican II Mass.  The book was compiled by the author of this blog. 

Features of Singing the Mass
+                   English and Latin on facing pages
To accommodate Vatican II Masses celebrated entirely English, entirely in Latin, or in English interspersed with Latin
+                   All the dialogues and acclamations in which the people are called to participate
+                   Solemn and simple tone
+                   The English Mass Setting from the Roman Missal
+                   A shorter Kyriale with 9 full Mass Settings in Greek/Latin
+                   Chants in English and Latin for the sprinkling of Holy Water
+                   Various alternative settings of the Lord’s Prayer
Including well-known settings from the US (Snow), the UK (Rimsky-Korsakov) and Australia
+                   Clear typesetting in the Solesmes style
+                   Text of Eucharistic Prayers I-IV

Table of Contents and Sample Pages

The table of contents and sample pages may be viewed at the Chant Cafe blog.  My thanks to Adam Bartlett and Jeffrey Tucker, amongst others, for their fine work in promoting high standards in sacred music for the liturgy.  

Ordering information will be available shortly.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

New CD from Westminster Cathedral

A new recording by the Choir of Westminster Cathedral always occasions great joy.  In July 2010 it was my very good fortune to have been in London when the choir sang Victoria's Missa de Beata Maria Virgine for the Solemn Mass.  A subsequent search for a recording of this beautiful setting was to no avail.  Little did I know that it was being preserved on disc by the very same choir for release in due course - and what a pleasant surprise!

Hear samples of the recording here and here.