Saturday, 3 December 2011

Singing the Mass - Update

The book is now available to purchase for €25 at the new Solesmes website.  There is a discount of 50% for orders of 50 or more.

For further details about the book see this previous post.

Guardian on new translation of Roman Missal

See here.

The relevant part of the article is extracted below:
The dialogue between clarity and opacity [one presumes they mean 1973 v 2010, though many would argue the opposite in fact holds, at least insofar as the Sacred Mysteries are able to be expressed in words - ed.], or accessibility and mystery, will be played out on a religious stage again today with the publication of the new English translation of the Roman missal [sic], the fruit of long gestation in the Catholic church. When the Second Vatican Council called for [sic] the use of the vernacular at mass [sic], the first translators of the missal [sic] employed the principle of "dynamic equivalence" – the spirit and meaning of the text rather than word-for-word translation. In the interests of simplicity, some prayers were reduced to short, declarative sentences. The new translation celebrates "formal equivalence", a more literal rendering of the text. In Roman Catholic churches across the English-speaking world, the new missal [sic] will no doubt provoke outrage [?! - ed.] among worshippers who have grown used to the 1960s [sic] translation.

Tidings from Ireland

A televised Mass from Ireland using the new translation of the Roman Missal.

See the video on the RTÉ website here or here.

Only available until 11 December 2011.

Rumination necessary.