Saturday, 2 March 2019

What a bitter agony

I share this video as a reminder of how Cardinal Pell is remembered by a great many people, quite at odds with how he is being portrayed by a large section of society at present.

As a member of the legal profession, I have grave reservations about the verdict and the way that it was arrived at (people far more esteemed than me have also had the courage to speak out). I accept the verdict as it stands for the time being, but I also expect a robust examination of the case on appeal.

I may be criticised for sharing this video at this time, in the precise circumstances in which we find ourselves. Some may wish it to be removed. So be it. This video is a matter of record. Cardinal Pell's kindness and generosity are a matter of record.

I have solidarity with victims of child sexual abuse. But seeing a man hang on tenuous evidence (if that is what an appeal court finds happened here) will be cold comfort to victims, and to all beings with an ounce of humanity and rational thought inside them.