Publishers of the Roman Missal, Third Typical Edition

Most jurisdictions do not have a choice of which Missal to purchase:
"The only altar missal in English approved for Australia, with the Australian supplement and variations approved by the Holy See is in preparation (in conjunction with England and Wales, and Scotland) by the Catholic Truth Society, London, and will be sold in Australia by St Paul's from whom you will receive information in due course.  There is the larger size (with superior binding and illustrations) suitable for parishes, a medium size (suitable for smaller chapels) and a hand size.  Under no circumstances should  missals from other countries be purchased as they lack the Australian proper and variations" (from the webiste of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne).  
As you will see from the list below, Canada and Ireland seem to be in the same situation.

On the other hand, parishes in the United States are spoilt for choice, with no less than seven publishers deciding to produce editions of the Roman Missal, Third Typical Edition.  This certainly has its benefits (competition often results in superior products being produced, and the standard of American Missals appears to be very good on the whole, even at the cheaper end of the scale).  The disadvantage is that the Missal will not look the same from parish to parish.  Still, this is a relatively minor quibble.

On a different note, while presumably the "best" version offered by a publisher ought to be used on the altar, an alternative, less expensive version (which is also smaller and less heavy) will be appropriate for use "at the chair".  From the website of the Catholic Truth Society:
"The Bishops' Conference [in England & Wales] is not giving permission for a Book of the Chair (containing only prayers and antiphons, etc., and excluding the Order of Mass) to be published because it is not a genuine liturgical book in that there is no Latin editio typica. 
We will be producing a medium-sized Chapel Edition of the Roman Missal that will be hardback and in bonded leather rather than the genuine leather that we will use for the altar edition. This could also serve as a Book of the Chair."
Of course these are matters for local Bishops' Conferences, but common sense should prevail.


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        By the wonders of modern technologies, and the hard work of many, one is able to peruse sample pages of most of these Missals.