'Seasonal' Missal Chants

The National [American] Association of Pastoral Musicians has a new and quite wonderful resource on its website, listing the chants from the Third Edition of the Missal that are for use during the Christmas Season, Holy Week and the Easter Triduum.  Some of the traditional Latin chants are included in the English Missal, but always with English alternatives.  The chants have long been available on the ICEL website, but here they are recorded for study purposes (for celebrants and people alike).  Thank you to all concerned in the preparation of this resource.

The resource forms part of a quite comprehensive set of recordings on the NAPM website dedicated to promoting the excellent new Missal chants.  Happily they are tastefully sung (in that they avoid idiomatic quirks which can be evident in some recordings).  I have listed the NAPM website, and other similar sites under "Chant Resources".