Friday, 16 September 2011

The Cardinal, the Archbishop and the Oratorian

Cardinal Newman was an Oratorian in Birmingham, but was not a bishop.  Archbishop Longley is prelate of Birmingham, but is not an Oratorian.  Fr. Guy Nicholls is an Oratorian in Birmingham but is neither a Cardinal nor a bishop.  But they all share two things in common.  First, they all place/placed much importance on high quality sacred music as being necessary for the enrichment of the Mass.  And they have/had an association with the Birmingham Oratory, where tomorrow at 11am His Grace, Archbishop Longley will celebrate a Mass at said Oratory, formally to mark the opening of the Newman Institute of Liturgical Music, whose director is Fr. Nicholls.  Saturday 17 September happens to be the first anniversary of Cardinal Newman's beatification.

Find out about the Institute's raison d'etre by clicking here.