Monday, 7 May 2012

Westminster Cathedral ...

... is a striking building in the bustling heart of London.  For one arriving by train into Victoria station, or strolling through Green Park and past the Palace having purchased one's essential comestibles from Fortnum & Mason, the sight of its tower rising out of the city-scape in so marvellous a fashion is a tantalising foretaste of the majestic sub-stratum.

View of Cathedral bell tower from near Buck House
If you have not been able to take a tour of the Cathedral, then fear not because an hour-long video has been produced of a guided tour in 2011 given by the Administrator of the Cathedral, Canon Christopher Tuckwell.

I think you will agree that, even amongst the manifold architectural treasures in London, the Cathedral is well worth the visit.  For those resident in London, the Telegraph suggests paying a lunch-time visit to ascend the tower and take in the view.

For those seeking spiritual comfort, the Cathedral is a great sanctuary of quiet, where one can sit in prayerful repose, unencumbered, if fleetingly, by worldly concerns - the quiet only punctuated when its cavernous spaces are filled with the glorious sounds of its choir singing the praises of God, during the week this usually being on the dot of 5 pm for Vespers (in the Lady Chapel) followed by a solemn choral Mass at 5.30 pm (in the main Sanctuary), and at 10.30 am for Mass on Saturdays (Latin Novus Ordo) and Sundays (Latin-English Novus Ordo) (Vespers being at the earlier time of 3.30 pm on Sundays).