Saturday, 22 September 2012

Portsmouth Ordination to be broadcast on excellent new website


The ordination to the episcopate of Monsignor Philip Egan will be webcast at this site at 13.30 (British Summer Time) this Monday 24 September (the actual Ordination will commence 1 hour later, but is preceded by various processions during which choral music will be sung - see my post above for details and to download the Order of Service).  The Monsignor will become the eight bishop of Portsmouth.  The current Archbishop of Westminster, the Very Rev Vincent Nichols, will be present, as will his predecessor, Cardinal Cormack Murphy-O'Connor (who was also, incidentally, once the bishop of Portsmouth). The Ordaining Bishop will be the outgoing Bishop of Portsmouth the Right Rev Crispian Hollis, assisted by the Archbishop of Southwark, the Most Rev Peter Smith and the Bishop of Shrewsbury, the Right Rev Mark Davies (the Bishop-elect was from Shrewsbury).

The website hosting the broadcast - - is actually quite amazing.  Masses from across the UK and Ireland may be viewed live, and watched again on demand (and even downloaded).

Screen shot of the churches the Masses at which are broadcast on

This really is a commendable service for those unable to make it to Mass (it would be particularly useful in places like nursing homes and hospitals, and even schools as the peerless UK Catholic Herald reports).  It is also a significant resource for those interested in liturgical affairs.  For example, it is possible to see the degree to which the Mass is sung in different places, and to see which Churches (particularly Cathedral Churches) have a dedicated schola cantorum to sing the Liturgy in the best traditions of the Roman Rite, as very strongly encouraged by the Second Vatican Council.  The Cathedral of St Peter in Belfast established one very recently, admirably showing that it is never too late to set things right.  You can hear them sing at the 11 o'clock Mass at the Cathedral every Sunday. And here is a video of the Choir singing the Schubert Mass in G for Easter 2010 (broadcast from the Cathedral via RTÉ): 

BBC Northern Ireland has also made a documentary about the Choir