Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The day of the Archbishop's enthronement

has arrived - and the Sydney Morning Herald has a very informative (and mercifully neutral) article about tonight's proceedings. They provide this useful summary (we will forgive the American spelling of crosier):
  • "[Most Rev] Anthony Fisher will arrive at St Mary's Cathedral wearing the "choir dress" of a bishop before changing into Marian vestments, plain white and purple dress made in Australia from European liturgical silk and donated to the cathedral by a local family.
  • He will wear the episcopal ring and pectoral cross and hold the crozier, or pastoral staff, that belonged to the first metropolitan Archbishop of Sydney, John Bede Polding, 1842–1877.
  • His music choices for the ceremony include Summae Trinitati set to music by contemporary Scottish composer James MacMillan, the Te Deum of Tomas Luis de Victoria and the serene polyphony of the Missa Te Deum laudamus by Palestrina. Australian compositions include the hymn In faith and hope and love by Richard Connolly and James Phillip MacAuley. 
  • A papal bull, or letter from the Pope, will be read by the Apostolic Nuncio, confirming the authenticity of the appointment. The Holy See will be informed when the installation has taken place.
  • Mass will be followed by a reception at Cathedral House, Archbishop Fisher's new residence."

Westminster Cathedral Choir sings Victoria's Te Deum. 
Pictures are from the ordination of Bishop Peter Comensoli.