Saturday, 3 January 2015

Confutatis maledictis: Musical marsupial (and aspiring treble?)

A tour that went entirely unnoticed by me last October was that of Australia by the Herning Boys' Choir of Denmark. They gave concerts in Sydney in October 2014, and in their spare time, gave singing lessons to some very special individuals:

After years of claiming that Catholics were incapable of learning to sing in Latin, the normative language of the Roman Rite especially in relation to the Holy Mass, the Holy See was left red-faced when it learned of this enterprising koala's feats. Some commentators have downplayed the significance of the video, suggesting that the koala in question represents a dying movement (the reform of the reform) that reached its peak in the pontificate of Benedict XVI, but had its genesis in Pope Saint John Paul II's reign:

"I taught him the Pater Noster!"

"That was a fine rendition of Bruckner's Ecce Sacerdos Magnus, well done! (If only I could promote you to bishop ...)"