Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Ash Wednesday Music Lists

Only a brief selection, but:
  • If you are in Sydney, either go to the 5.30 pm Mass at St Mary's Cathedral (for Mass XVIII, the Lent Prose, Allegri's Miserere, Byrd's Emendemus in melius and other music in the best traditions of the Roman Rite) or to the 7.00 pm Mass at St Francis of Assisi, Paddington (for, so I am informed, Byrd's Mass for Five Voices, the Lent Prose, Purcell's Remember not, Lord, our offences and other beautiful choral music); 
  • If you are in London, of the many havens of musical and liturgical excellence, I note only Westminster Cathedral (due to lack of time to post other, and the easy accessibility of the WC music list) - there you will hear Mass XVIII, the Lent Prose, Miserere mei by Casciolini (not a setting with which I am acquainted) and Emendemus in melius by Gabrieli (which Gabrieli is not specified), among other music. 

Emendemus in melius - A setting by Morales