Sunday, 5 April 2015

Musical Selections from 2015 Easter Mass at St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney

I do encourage you to watch the entire Easter Sunday Mass (10.30 am) filmed at St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney (see previous post) - it is a great example of the richness of the ceremonial of the Roman Rite, particularly in its treasury of sacred music. However, it is understandable that navigating through a two hour long video to find certain parts may present some challenges, so here are a few particular highlights of the music at the Mass. You will soon appreciate that this is a choir that deserves its reputation as the finest liturgical choir in the land. Indeed, much greater claims in this regard could be made. Thanks to all who made this celebration so beautiful, and particular thanks must go to those whose initiative has led to the filming of the Cathedral Holy Week services.* St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney has in recent years consolidated its place as a bastion of excellence in Roman Catholic liturgical standards, and it is high time that it receives the attention and credit it deserves. And as the Archbishop noted today, this is the standard of the Solemn Mass every Sunday, and rightly so too.

Happy Easter one and all.

Introit: Resurrexit

Kyrie & Gloria from Missa Papae Marcelli by G.P. da Palestrina

Gradual (Haec dies sung in English)

Sequence (Victimae Paschalis Laudes) and Alleluia (Pascha nostrum)

Offertory Motet: Regina Caeli for eight voices by G.P da Palestrina

Sanctus from Mass I

Agnus Dei I from Missa Papae Marcelli by G.P. da Palestrina

Agnus Dei II from Missa Papae Marcelli by G.P. da Palestrina

O filii et filiae by Tisserand arr. Baker

Just in case you missed these very kind words from our Director of Music, Thomas Wilson. He has thanked various people...
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