Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Festal Music in London in November for All Saints, All Souls and Christ the King

All Saints, All Souls and Christ the King are all celebrated in this month, providing a veritable choral feast at the major London Catholic churches. Here I provide selected music lists for Westminster Cathedral and the London Oratory - I may broaden the list to include other churches, time permitting. 

Westminster Cathedral
Westminster Cathedral
The Oratory
All Saints –
Sunday 1 November
10.30 am
Mozart Coronation Mass
11.00 am
Allegri Missa Vidi turbam magnam
All Souls –
Monday 2 November
5.30 pm
Mozart Requiem (accompaniment not listed)
Mozart Requiem (with orchestra)
Remembrance Day –
Sunday 8 November
10.30 am
Faure Requiem
11.00 am
Victoria Requiem, 1605
Requiem for deceased Fathers and Brothers –
Friday 13 November
[6.00 pm – TBC]
Anerio Requiem
Christus Rex –
Sunday 22 November
10.30 am
Vierne Messe solennelle
11.00 am
Victoria Missa Laetatus sum

I wonder if Westminster Cathedral will be performing the Vierne Mass as originally scored for timbales and cuivres (or timpani and trumpets being near equivalents)? That would be splendid indeed!! (The full title of the Mass is Messe solennelle pour chœurs, cuivres, timbales et deux orgues op.16 en ut dièse mineur.) Here's a performance without the additional instruments.

I must say, there are many settings of the Requiem, quite fit for "modern" liturgical purposes (or able to be made fit e.g. by substituting chant for some of the polyphonic parts) that tend, for reasons unknown, to be neglected. For instance: settings by Morales, Guerrero, Lobo (Duarte), du Caurroy, Pizzetti, Lassus and Clemens non Papa all spring to mind.



Du Caurroy