Sunday, 7 August 2011

Ecumenical Evensong - More Victoria at (Another) St James

On the same day that I posted information about the celebration of Victoria's music at St James Spanish Place Evensong was being celebrated at another St James - in the Antipodes.  St James, King Street, is situated in Sydney's CBD, contiguous to Queens's Square and in the shadows of St Mary's RC Cathedral, and at 3pm o'clock the service of choral Evensong commenced, sung jointly by the Choir of St James and the Choir of said cathedral.  The Order of Service comprised Victoria's Magnificat primi toni & Nunc Dimittis tertii toni, and Let All the World & Te Deum in G by Vaughan Williams.  The hymn Tristes erant Apostoli was also sung. 

The Choir of St James, King Street, has made a recording of Victoria's Missa Ascendens Christus, and is available for purchase from their website.  They have made the recording of the Mass available on youtube, and extract of which follows:  

More extracts appear on their youtube site.  King Street is also known for its orchestral Masses in January and February, almost always including a sumptuous setting by F. J. Haydn, and well worth further investigation if you happen to be in Sydney around that time of the year.