Monday, 22 August 2011

World Youth Day 2011 - Sunday Mass

The Vatican (?!) has uploaded to youtube the full video of the Mass:
Particularly noteworthy is the Gloria: 
I was reminded, when listening to said Gloria, of another setting in Latin, equally festive in tone:
The former, however, seems better suited to the context in which it was sung.
Also listen out for the peculiarly Spanish pronunciation of the word gratias (sung as gracias, with a 'th' sound) - and also deprecationem. 
The version sung at the WYD Final Mass is altogether to be preferred to this one:
Incidentally, one of the three composers who wrote the WYD Mass setting is called Guerrero. 
And here is the Sanctus: 
For the sake of comparison, here is setting by Portuguese composer João Domingos Bomtempo (1775-1842) from his Requiem in C minor: