Friday, 22 March 2013

Palm Sunday Music & Resources

Palm Sunday is nearly upon us.  Where will you attend and what will the music be like?  In Sydney, people tend to make a bee line for St Mary's Cathedral if they seek excellence in sacred music.  Other places include St Francis of Assisi, Paddington, and the cathedral of the neighbouring diocese of Parramatta.  Scholas are being established at some other churches too.

Music at St Mary's Cathedral:

Music at Westminster Cathedral:

Click here for two great videos of the Malcolm Ingrediente Domino, sung as the procession enters the church.

The Liturgy Office of England & Wales has published the pages for Palm Sunday from the Roman Missal - an excellent way for priests, deacons, servers and musicians to acquaint themselves with the ceremonial well in advance of the Mass.

Below are three great recordings of the Bruckner Vexilla Regis - sung at Vespers from the Saturday before Palm Sunday to Maundy Thursday.